Solar panels are exposed to the elements and become dirty over time. Although rainwater washes away light dust and debris, stubborn accumulations can persist. Moreover, rainwater can collect tiny particles of sand and dust as it falls, compounding the problem. Research has shown that collections of dust and dirt can reduce solar panel performance by up to 30%.

Solar Farm Solutions offers a nationwide cleaning service for industrial-scale solar PV installations with panels spanning up to 7 metres.

Cleaning Frequency

Periodic cleaning optimises solar panel performance. Although many solar system warranties may specify cleaning intervals, the cleaning frequency can vary depending on a solar farm’s proximity to roadways, railway lines, construction sites, pollution generators, and environmental factors, including climate, local vegetation and farming.

Cleaning Systems

We use cleaning systems, specifically designed and approved for Solar PV panels. Our systems have an array of fixtures for disparate panel sizes and aisle widths. They are ideal for the gentle, safe, efficient and effective cleaning of solar panel systems, ensuring longevity, optimal energy yield and conformance with the manufacturer’s warranty.