As Ireland moves towards renewable energy sources, Solar Farm Solutions is scaling operations in response to demand for services and in anticipation of future demand.

We are proud to play our part in the green energy movement, helping businesses optimise solar energy capture and deliver a strong return on investment. Moreover, we are delighted to support renewable energy providers offering cleaner energy and greater choice to the people of Ireland.

Solar PV Panel Cleaning

Solar PV panels are exposed to the elements and become dirty over time. Although rainwater washes away light dust and debris, stubborn accumulations can persist.

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Site Enabling Works

Planning permission is often granted with caveats governing the site clearance, planting and screening. We can satisfy your soft and hard landscaping requirements, sourcing, planting, constructing and maintaining all elements.

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Landscape Management

We provide scheduled and ad hoc site maintenance as required ensuring grass and vegetation is kept low, avoiding shadow casting and shading. Our services include:

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Reasons to Choose Us

Comprehensive Service

We’re with you every step of the way, from the initial landscape design, to implementation and the successful operation of your solar PV farm.

Bespoke Programmes

We can develop bespoke programmes including schedules, comprehensive details of proposed works and costs.

Agile Service Response

We can provide ad hoc services as required to ensure optimal energy capture in all seasons.

Specialist Equipment

Our extensive fleet operates in all terrains, regardless of farm size and panel configurationand. Our cleaning systems are specifically designed and approved for solar panel cleaning.

Skilled & Experienced People

Our crews are skilled and knowledgeable and committed to creating value for clients and stakeholders.

Open & Transparent

All site visits are digitally recorded, photographed and catalogued to verify onsite activity.